Amoreo | FAQ
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Is there a single price for all designs?

Yes, if you want additional information such as maps or additional cards, you must specify it in the form of each product.

Is there a minimum amount for orders?

Yes, at least 30 units must be ordered for each design.

How are shipments made?

Shipments are made via Fedex and delivered 3 to 5 days after the order has been placed.

Does the shipment have any cost?

No, all shipments nationwide are free of charge.

How can I personalize my invitations?

When you select a model and press buy, a form appears in which you can specify the colors and finishes.

What kind of impressions are used?

All our invitations are laser-printed, for a greater definition in the details.

What kind of paper is it printed on?

In invitations and envelopes we use imported paper, pearlescent and high quality satin.

Can I apply for my money back?

No. Once you put the order, no returns, that’s why you should review your information very well before sending it to be correct or contact us via phone.

If you have more concerns, you can contact us at mobile (+ 57) 317 809 3913 or write to comercial@ Amoreo .

Methods of payment